Get in on our April 1st Challenge! (No joke here!)

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CrossFit Uffda’s 6 Week Challenge has taken Minneapolis by storm! The results speak for themselves. People who never thought they could make changes to their body and health are finding it possible with our 6 Week Challenge!

Get the answers you have been looking for!

There are no gimmicks or shortcuts to our program, just AMAZING workouts, REAL FOOD meal plans, tons of ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION. 

Kristi was ready to get back into shape and just needed a little accountability and extra push to work hard in the gym. Well she got it!

“Being an athlete my whole life, workouts at a Big Box gym got extremely repetitive and un-motivating… The second I started with Crossfit Uffda, everything changed and I’ve never looked back.I leave feeling accomplished and more confident. I love knowing that my hard work will soon pay off.”

Kristy completed our 6 Week Challenge and exceeded her goal of 5% body fat reduction. She continues to come to the gym three days per week to keep her progress going!

Miranda was looking for more strength and a reduction in body fat. She hit a 6% body fat loss and look at her now! She started eating REAL food and focusing on better quality ingredients and surprised herself with the results! Making workouts fun is one of our strategies to help you focus less on the appearance of your body and more on the function!

Laurel was skeptical of our 6 Week Challenge claiming she was already working hard and eating “clean”. With help from our nutrition program and guidance from our coaches, she found herself challenged and inspired to embrace new things and take her fitness to new levels!

Tim came to our Challenge knowing he had neglected his health for some time and needed to make a change.

Not only did Tim find exactly what he needed, he found something “more like a family than a gym. With KILLER workouts!”

Through dedication to modifying his eating habits and pushing through tough workouts, Tim earned great results over the 6 Week Challenge!

Kayla needed to lose weight and lose it fast! As an actress, she needed to fit a body type for a roll she was going to play. Kayla had no previous workout experience and did not watch what she ate. Through food journaling and accountability coaching, Kayla finally learned how to understand how food effected her body, TRIPPLED the amount of food she was eating and VIOLA, things started to change.

Kayla added 5 lbs of muscle and lost 23 pounds over the course of only 6 weeks!!

Coco needed more upper body strength to be better at her job. Her and her husband joined our challenge, and a challenge is what they found! CrossFit Uffda inspired them to evaluate and change some key components of their current lifestyle.

They worked together to change some of their nutrition habits and help keep each other on track. Over the course of the challenge Coco found herself struggling to do things she felt she should easily be able to do and realized how much she needed a program like this!

Coco is feeling stronger than ever and met her goal of gaining muscle, not worrying about the scale, and getting better eating habits established!