A warrior is recognized by many virtues: strength of character, courage of the heart, an indomitable spirit, a thirst for exploration; loving kindness for self and others, and determination for righteousness.

However, the one clearly distinguishing quality that allows a warrior to separate themselves from the pack – from the mundane and limited existence most are satisfied with – is their ability to “speak a language of positive expectancy.”

A warrior speaks a brave new language. A warrior communicates with themselves, with others, and with their God in a manner that allows for creation to expand in the Universe. A warrior speaks of possibility, hopefulness, optimism, faith, and change.

  • A warrior sees the glass as half full.
  • A warrior sees problems as challenges and opportunities for growth.
  • A warrior speaks of what they desire – NOT what they lack.

  • A warrior speaks in the positive tense – all negativity is removed from their vocabulary, from their thoughts, from their mind, from their heart, and from their very essence.

  • A warrior speaks of health – NOT sickness.

  • A warrior speaks of love – NOT hate.

  • A warrior speaks of prosperity – NOT poverty.

  • A warrior speaks of light – NOT darkness.

Start today. Begin now. Speak the Language of a true warrior. Communicate in a language of infinite creative potential. This is the way of a warrior of light.


Come as you are!

You do not need to be in shape or get in shape to join CrossFit Uffda.



Jason Massie

Jason is co-owner and head coach of CrossFit Uffda. After finding CrossFit in 2009, Jason became CrossFit certified and opened his first affiliate in 2010. His true passion is in showing everyone he can the every day benefits of CrossFit. Jason believes the true value of CrossFit is in the ability to improve your everyday life and live a longer, healthier life. With a true passion to be the best coach in the land, Jason continuously studies and seeks out the best methods and techniques to get his clients in the best shape of their lives. Jason firmly believes everyone young and old can reap the benefits of CrossFit under his watchful eye.

  • Level 1 (tested)
  • Level 2
  • Gymnastics
  • Endurance
  • Kids
  • Mobility
  • Freestyle Seminar (Carl Paoli)
  • CPR
  • AED

Sarah Stejskal

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days

My interest for an active/healthy lifestyle started at a young age playing basketball and tennis in elementary school throughout high school. Playing tennis was one of my biggest passions and I got to play tennis for the University of North Dakota for 3 years.

The strength and conditioning program there is what really sparked my passion for health/fitness/lifting. I decided to focus my training for a bodybuilding competition in 2012, which I placed 4th in the figure division. Although it was a great learning experience and building block, it didn’t fulfill my competitive edge to the fullest.

A friend introduced me to CrossFit in November of 2014 and I immediately was hooked. Learning, doing, and coaching CrossFit are my favorite hobbies by far. And eating.

The combination of a healthy diet and CrossFit training has bettered my overall quality of living and made me a stronger person physically and mentally, and is why I’m passionate about helping others achieve the same!

I passed the CrossFit Level 1 Course in January of 2016 and have committed myself to learning and studying strategies and methods to become the best coach I can be.

Level 1

Come as you are!

You do not need to be in shape or get in shape to join CrossFit Uffda.