Fit Race

. Fit Race is a 4K road and trail race with 10 skilled and unskilled obstacles long the way! Imagine a cross between a gym workout with an Adventure/Terrain/Mud Race. Fit Race will test your [...]

Uffda 2018 Open Wrap Up

Uffda! The Open has officially come to a close. It's like one minute it's here and the next it's gone! So many awesome things happened this year. Participation by Uffdamaniacs was at an all-time high, [...]

Are you a CrossFit Cheater?

Interview with a Cheater by Sarah Stejskal Q: Have you ever cheated on a workout? A: Two and a half years ago I would have lied and told you “no”.  I’m a much different athlete/person [...]

Uffda Coed Team Competition!

 Welcome to the Uffda Coed Team Competition Information Page!   Grab your team of four and head on over to CrossFit Uffda for this "waterfall" style coed competition! Five events back-to-back will test [...]

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