Fit Race is a 4K road and trail race with 10 skilled and unskilled obstacles long the way! Imagine a cross between a gym workout with an Adventure/Terrain/Mud Race. Fit Race will test your lungs, your strength, and your teamwork as you compete against the clock. Most of the 10 “Obstacles” will be timed and a score assigned based on how much work was performed in the given time. Fit Race will be scored based on your total race time, and work accomplished at Obstacles.


Fit Race will feature two divisions: Fit and NAF (Not As Fit).

The Fit division is for those familiar with CrossFit style weightlifting. Must be familiar with movements like:

Wall Balls
Bear Crawl
C2 Rowing

•Skilled competitors will NOT be required to do pull-ups, rope climbs or other preventative movements. Each teammate will have opportunities to showcase their strengths and skills in other ways.
•Weights will be approachable for everyone with CrossFit experience.
•There will be no Rx or Scaled division. If you are unsure of your abilities in the FIT category, the Not As Fit division might be for you.
•Top three teams in Mens and Womens teams will be awarded prizes.

The NAF (not as fit) division is for those who do not practice CrossFit and are unfamiliar with lifts like Snatch, Deadlift, or Wall Ball. If you love mud runs and adventure races but want more than just getting muddy and crawling over some logs, the Fit Race will be sure to challenge you like never before!

Movements that you may see in the NAF division:

Tire Flips

Sand Bag carry

Stationary Bike

Hill Climb

Measured Squats to a ball



Slep push/pull


No Crowded Starting Line!

Each team will be given a heat time. There will only be one Fit team and one NAF team in each heat. This will prevent back-ups at obstacles. You will have a course free and clear of anyone slowing you down! Heats will start every 5 minutes starting at 8:00am.

Here are the details:
Who: Anyone looking for a great time testing their limits
Where: CrossFit Uffda (and surrounding area) in Eden Prairie
When: Saturday June 2nd 2018, 8am-12pm (course takes about an hour)
Why: Because this will be the funnest race EVER!!
Price: $120 for first 20 teams (10 each category), $135 for next 20 teams, $155 for teams 50-100.
  • Awesome prizes given to the top teams
  • Legit prizes given out to anyone registered via raffle drawing
  • Silent Auction benefiting PROP of Eden Prairie
  • Free Corona Premium to all spectators and participants 21+
  • 90 min Supervised Kids Area with bouncy house for participants with kids

Links to sign up:



Obstacle announcements are coming out weekly! See what has been announced so far HERE!

***Price is per TEAM, not per person as listed on checkout page***

Same sex teams of 3

Free beer for everyone 21+