Welcome to the Uffda Coed Team Competition Information Page!


Grab your team of four and head on over to CrossFit Uffda for this “waterfall” style coed competition! Five events back-to-back will test your team’s ability and strategy and crown the fittest of them all!

Each team of two men and two women will move through four stations, each timed at 10 minutes. You will start at 3..2..1..GO and will finish 43 minutes later. This is a great format if you hate the wait between events at normal competitions.

***Your team can not have a combined ranking from the 2016 CrossFit Open that adds up to less than 100, in the state that you completed the Open***

Explanation of Combined Ranking:

Team member 1 Female – Ranked 44th in Minnesota
Team member 2 Female- Ranked 13th in Iowa
Team member 3 Male – Ranked 37th in Minnesota
Team member 4 Male – Ranked 21st in Wisconsin

This team would have a combined ranking of 115 and would be cleared to enter the competition!
If a member of the team did not compete or complete the 2016 CrossFit Open, they will take a score of 50.

If you have a Masters Athlete (40+) on your team, your team is cleared for the competition regardless of other teams ranking.


December 2, 2017


9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


6520 suite 106C
Edenvale blvd
Eden Prairie, MN 55346 US view map

Event Price: $260.00